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Maintenance Request

If you have an actual life-threatening EMERGENCY – Call 911


All maintenance and repair requests must be submitted ONLINE via TENANT PORTAL or in writing, with the exception of an emergency request.

Emergencies are defined as:

  • No Heat if outside temperature is expected to be below 50°.
  • No Air Conditioning if outside temperature is expected to be above 90°.
  • Flooding or broken pipes.
  • Live exposed electrical circuitry or smoke from outlets or fixtures.
  • Sewage backing up into house or yard.
  • Leaking Roof.
  • Any other condition that threatens Health or Safety.

These emergency items should be phoned in immediately. Our office number is (559) 686-8193 and the emergency after-hours phone number is (559) 686-4713.

You may submit all other requests via any of the following methods:

  • Mail: your typed request to Bankston Property Management, P.O. Box 940 Tulare, CA 93275
  • Personal Delivery: your typed request to Bankston Property Management, 441 North N Street, Tulare, CA 93274
  • Fax: your typed request. Our fax number is (559) 688-2621
  • Tenant Portal: fill out your request using your TENANT PORTAL.

All requests must include the following information:

  • Your Full Name.
  • Your Property Address – Including street number and apartment number (if applicable).
  • A Valid Daytime Contact Phone Number.
  • A Detailed Description of the Nature of the Problem.

Request received before 1:00 p.m. will be processed same day. Request received after 1:00 p.m. will be processed on the next business day (other than emergencies).

Please be advised that should a maintenance request be submitted for any item that is deemed to be a result of tenant neglect or abuse, you will be charged for the repairs, materials, and the service call fee.
Some examples of these tenant responsibility items are:

  • Changing the HVAC filter on a monthly basis to prevent unit failure/icing up.
  • Keeping smoke detectors in working order with fresh batteries.
  • Keeping drains free of grease, food items, hair, or other clogging debris.
  • Maintaining windows, screens and blinds to prevent damage.
  • Resetting breakers or GFI’s.
  • Keeping the unit & yard free of trash/debris that attracts insects & rodents.

Please note that submission of a maintenance request is automatically deemed as permission to enter the premises to make the repairs, unless otherwise noted on the maintenance request. If you prefer to be present, or if you have pets that will need to be attended or restrained while a maintenance tech is in your home, please note this in your request, and list 2-3 convenient times that you will be available for an appointment. Someone will contact you to schedule it.