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Management Services

Place your property with Bankston Property Management, Inc., a result oriented Property Management Company you can trust. Let us show you the way to preserving assets and maximizing profits on your investment properties.

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Management Services


  • Inspection and evaluation of property to determine maximum rent under current market conditions.
  • Media advertisement in local newspaper, signage, posting on our internet web site and office listing to facilitate the leasing effort.
  • Prepare vacant and occupied units available to show to prospective tenants.
  • Screening (background, credit check, income, employment, former residences, etc.) of prospective tenants to help insure a quality tenant.
  • Preparing lease agreements as agent for the owner, utilizing a lease that complies with the Landlord- Tenant Act of California and published by the California Association of Realtors.
  • Insuring utilities are transferred to new tenant when property is leased.
  • Collection of rents including online payment options – inclusive of meticulous follow-through with appropriate action implemented if delinquent or untimely.
  • Preparation and service of tenant notices.
  • Coordination and follow-through of legal services by an attorney (i.e., warrants for unlawful detainment of property, judgments, writs of restitution, forcible evictions, etc.).
  • Financial accounting and monitoring of individual tenant balances.
  • Maintain files on all tenants, including current changes, late charges, security deposits, pet fees and repairs requested and completed.
  • Negotiate lease renewals and rent increases on a timely basis.
  • Handling of tenant repair requests, complaints, conversations, correspondence, meetings and walk through inspections as needed.
  • Inspection of properties vacated and disposition of applicable security deposits.
  • Transfer of utilities to our name when unit is vacant.
  • Itemization of repairs, painting, cleaning and miscellaneous and/or major maintenance needed, along with an estimated cost to render vacant units rent marketable.
  • Coordination, scheduling and supervision of all maintenance and repair work performed on the property.
  • Negotiation of fair and reasonable payment for subcontract labor.
  • Maintain complete financial records on each rental unit, including back-up documentation for both revenues and expenditures.
  • Preparation and submittal of monthly cash flow and owner’s statement giving details on income and expenses.
  • Communication and correspondence with owners as relates to their tenants, property, and monthly financial reports.
  • Quick and painless direct deposit functionality to bring your earnings straight to your accounts.
  • Contact our office for our fee schedule and your complimentary property analysis.

Tenant Screening

Our goal is to lease to the most qualified, responsible tenants. We verify references, employment, previous landlords, and run a personal credit report for each potential tenant. We make sure that each tenant thoroughly understands all benefits and responsibilities of leasing your property. For your protection, we use California Association of Real Estate approved lease agreements, deposit forms, late notices, and other legal documents. We collect all the necessary security, cleaning, and/or pet fees.

Direct Deposit

This functionality provides our company the ability to safely and securely deposit your monthly proceeds directly via ACH into the bank account of your choice at no additional charge. Thus, preventing mail delays or lost checks. You’ll also get your payments faster and save time by avoiding trips to the bank.

Our Team

Bankston Property Management Inc. provides an environment comprised of innovative and dedicated individuals. Their talents and abilities contribute to the overall goals of the investors and clients whom they represent. We invest in the development and training of our employees to ensure successful implementation of the marketing and management plan.

The Technology

Financial Reporting and Information Technology

We utilize premium accounting software designed to provide you the property owner with accurate and efficient management reports that are also easy to read and understand. Each month you will receive a Cash Flow statement and Owner statement which itemizes all transactions relating to your property. Our software gives you complete and accurate month-to-date and year-to-date records of income and expenditures for your property. This sophisticated software has enormous flexibility and allows us to provide additional reports customized to your needs and or those requests of your accountant.

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